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Polaris initiates ADI-PEG 20 Phase 3 trial in hepatocellular carcinoma

December 28, 2019

???Do not drink tap water???Be wary of ice???Do not eat uncooked street food???Bring tissues (just in case the bathrooms run out of paper).

"My sister's friends learned the hard way not to eat Peruvian guinea pig prior to a plane flight. Make sure everything is well-cooked and bring a small bottle of antibacterial soap just in case," said Chow.

Keeping kids fed:

One of the toughest parts of traveling is finding healthy food options.

???Snacks for the car:

Pack a cooler or a hamper full of nutritious snacks such as fruit, cut-up vegetables, drinks, crackers, sandwiches and fruit snacks. This will be a nice antidote to fast food or gas station snacks.

???Snacks for the plane:Here, you are much more limited on space so bring a few snacks that are worthwhile. Bring along cereal and granola bars, fruit snacks and roll ups, oranges and trail mix. Also pack individual drink mixes to add to water. You never know when you'll be stuck on a tarmac with no access to snacks with a "starving" child.

To help cure boredom on long flights or car rides she suggests variety. Go to a local dollar store and purchase inexpensive games, books and toys that your kids have never seen."Bring books, movies, games, toys, and don't forget extra batteries and chargers or when the power fades you'll have some very upset kids. It's always a good idea to pack extra headsets as well because these are easily broken or lost," said Chow. "My husband always says whoever invented the car DVD players deserves the Noble Peace Prize."

Source: Loyola University Health System