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Kenya Medical Services Minister to establish African Cancer Foundation

December 31, 2019

Dr. Samadi believes it is important to be part of the prostate cancer solution abroad and in the U.S. and he urges Nyong'o to seek help from U.S. specialists as he furthers his foundation. "While education and screening are critical pieces of the puzzle, we must help these countries become independent in their fight against prostate cancer and all other types of cancer. That is the best way to save lives." Providing access to technology does not solve the problem, particularly when talking about robotic surgery. Studies indicate that surgeons must perform over 1,600 robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP) procedures before achieving acceptable outcomes. Based on the technology and expertise limitations in his country, Nyong'o recognized what many in other countries are beginning to, as well: experience matters.

"Sadly, Kenya is not alone in their limited cancer-fighting resources," notes Dr. Samadi. "More than 70 percent of cancer-related deaths worldwide are occurring in developing nations like Kenya, and these numbers must change. I continue to work with and travel to countries that are just on the cusp of the cancer treatment and advanced technology we employ in the U.S." Dr. Samadi hopes that his hands-on instruction in other countries will give them the foundation they need to achieve expertise in the future. "Until that day," adds Dr. Samadi, "I will continue to welcome international prostate cancer patients to the U.S. with open arms. I have a dedicated international department with compassionate staff members who recognize and appreciate all cultural differences." Dr. Samadi's team assists these patients with all aspects of their journey to, and treatment in, the U.S. You can learn more about Dr. Samadi's comprehensive approach to helping patients from abroad at www.roboticoncology/international/ and the information on his site is available in seven different languages.

SOURCE www.Smart-Surgery