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Consejos Medicos en Linea


Combination molecules with BRAF inhibitors may help overcome drug resistance in melanoma patients

January 07, 2020

"Normal cells have physiologic safety mechanisms to avert death and this is taken to a higher level by the cancer cell to serve its growth agenda, making single agent targeted therapy insufficient," Lo said. "We have to block several roads, which is what is behind our approach to developing combination therapies. The key was to figure out how to combine the molecules so that the cancer cannot get around them. Why wait for the cancer to escape? Let's block all the pathways right fr...

Positive results from combination drug trial for late-stage ovarian cancer

January 06, 2020

Their research, which Nephew describes as "truly translational" because of its dependence on both lab and clinical work, has been supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Walther Cancer Foundation in Indianapolis, and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. The researchers are seeking grant funding for the larger trial during which they will test the current combination and compare it with other approved therapies for ovarian cancer.In the phase I and ...

Researchers sample hydrogenotrophic microbes in the healthy human colon

January 05, 2020

Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) thrive in the presence of sulfate (a byproduct of eating foods such as meat, milk or eggs that have high levels of sulfur-containing amino acids).The SRB generally outnumbered acetogens in the right colon, Carbonero said, while acetogens were more abundant than SRB in the left colon and rectum.The researchers found variation among individual study subjects, particularly in the abundance of the three classes of microbes at different biopsy sites. And the team made ...

New alternative to immunosuppressive treatment after kidney transplants without severe side effects

January 04, 2020

MedUni Vienna has had a great reputation in transplant medicine since 1990The significant proportion of the clinical development of this active ingredient also underlines the Medical University of Vienna's expertise in transplants which it has acquired over decades. "Our reputation in transplant medicine can be attributed to the astronomical numbers of donors in the 1990s", says M??hlbacher. "In 1990 only there were 260 kidney patients." As a result of the successful transpla...

Taxoxifen combined with dasatinib reverses chemo-resistance in breast cancer cells

January 03, 2020

"The fibroblasts are what make ER (+) cancer cells resistant to the tamoxifen," said Dr. Lisanti. "But the tamoxifen plus dasatinib maintained both fibroblasts and cancer cells in a 'glycolytic state,' with minimal oxidative stress and more cell death, most likely because of an absence of metabolic coupling. The supply between the two was cut.""This suggests resistance to chemotherapeutic agents is a metabolic and stromal phenomenal," he added.Researchers showed tha...